Can I Be Really, Really Real With You? 🌧🌬💨

Life Is…It Sucks. But…You Don’t. I Promise. I Know. Wanna read about the struggles of my PTSD?… *trigger warning included in beginning of post*

Penny Berry Interviewed Me!🍓

Questions and answers and fun insider info awaits! Discover Penny Berry with me, and also discover the Kuudere1 you know so far in a new light!

Am I Emotional or Is There Something Seriously Wrong With The Way You Treat Me? (A Creative Essay)😢😒🤔😓

depressed? reading my mind, I see!!

Reflections of a Dom #2: Reclaiming and Re-centering [Thoughts]😚🐺💟🐺😚

REBLOG and Rejoice For Epiphanies of Love and Appreciation