Medical Diagnostics🩺😷👩‍⚕️📃

And the bullshit they put us through. I…I have been getting treated, prodded, told I’m too smart to wait, that I just want to be told what I am, what I’m going through – not to really feel it, know it, relate what it is at it’s heart. I just want to know of it, […]

Sometimes You Just Can’t Dominate [Reflections] — Penny Berry 🍓📏💪🤧😷🤮💉💊

Penny Berry Talks Dominance V. Life Standards! (A Juicy Reblog)


glass can be beautiful

Is Over-Consideration Possible?🐶🗝💍🕗

To the All-Seeing (of) Bullshit Series: Relationships, Part 1, I am giving you this shiny front row VIP pass: