Otaku Attack 👊💥🗯💬💢

O t a k u – s a n h e r e

A Plushie Post 🧸🌙💌

The Professional Stand-In for Absent Partners…Presenting the Intelex Warmies Microwavable Plush!

Anxiety and PTSD – An Isolating Cycle🔁🌀🌪

*trigger warning: ptsd, agoraphobia, war, suicide, hunger, depression, substance abuse, recovery, financial stress, domestic issues*

A Poem.

Things that he couldn’t live without but had a terrible relationship with…

Can I Be Really, Really Real With You? 🌧🌬💨

Life Is…It Sucks. But…You Don’t. I Promise. I Know. Wanna read about the struggles of my PTSD?… *trigger warning included in beginning of post*

Weighted Blankets for Mental Health 💤🛌😴

REBLOG! Weight! Wait, weight?