To Contact Kuudere1

Kuudere1 can be contacted at their gmail, on the kinky social media site known as (Kuudere1), on Tumblr at (Kuudere1), and on Twitter at (Kuudere1Writes). Or just leave cookies on your front porch.


Kuudere1 now has a Twitch, too. Due to the desire for their aliases to remain separate upon creation, it was named differently from their writing alias, but presently, Kuudere1 loves both aliases and just considers the Twitch name as the title for their gaming channel and Discord, both named respectively @bearynervous. No secrecy is preferred because any publicity is good publicity, and the beary nervous Kuudere1 is currently spreading their wings.

Kuudere 1 is also on Instagram @ Kuudere110 and on Reddit @ KuudereLittle1, to date.