Medical Diagnostics🩺😷👩‍⚕️📃

And the bullshit they put us through. I…I have been getting treated, prodded, told I’m too smart to wait, that I just want to be told what I am, what I’m going through – not to really feel it, know it, relate what it is at it’s heart. I just want to know of it, […]

🍫 Endless Chocolate Wrappers 🍬

I’m still here

and fully sane.

In-tact in fact;

no more am I restrained,

Because I found a voice

in trying to claim

My freedom to live

in a world which maims.

This world has brought me trouble,

but I’m a fisherman and so have caught

many things in it –

From yeast infections to many bad


from the deepest feelings of love to the

most amazing of luck.

If life is a box of chocolates,

i’ve definitely learned not to say “yuck”.

Even after I’ve tasted those bitter fucks –

i’m still here.

Picking up each and every one,

I shun whoever put me here in this endless

sogno di un cioccolatiere sadico.

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