Losing my religion

Summerhill Lane

Boat graveyard by Summerhill Lane

Losing My Religion

Dear loved ones,

It is a beautiful sunny and warm day here in Toronto Canada. Perfect weather for suntanning on my balcony. I love it. Today I am wearing a bikini because my daughter is also suntanning and she said she doesn’t want to look at my boobs while we are having a conversation. I get it, just weird and funny too. I prefer to be in the nude though.

I got thinking that I have not mentioned anything about my first husband in this blog and how there is a big gap in my personal story. Everything fits together like a big jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces were necessary. Let’s call my first husband Cleve for reference, although that is not his name.

Cleve and I married young, he was 19 and I was 20. We were both virgins on…

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