Outta Style? Your Style Isn’t…πŸ‘™πŸ›πŸ‘’βž‘πŸ§€πŸ§£πŸ‘–

Your Style

feel good, not abashed

those societal eyeballs staring at you? gouge them out and smash

style is great, so if you have an ass, show it, or if you want one, grow it with contouring and know that you know it – you’re beautiful and stoic, clichΓ© and open, full of shit and worry about what makes you look best, and stowing all the style for the rest of the season, and shining out loud for what weather is out now.

Style is great. Your style. Own it as if those others don’t know how. Coming back in style with cute poems about what I’ll be doing each post about! Maybe. This post is a little interlude to the posts I scheduled about bdsm. This, and other lifestyles, have their own style to them. And now that humans left and right are squeezing the style out of summer’s past and the incurring fall to the best of their advantage, I’d like to address the beauty of this.

BDSM, like the way you dress, is a way to express yourself. Many dress themselves down in corsets, lace, chokers, and even lingerie in public. Buckles and o-rings hang from bondage-pants, and pleather chest harnesses display a cross-culture of witchy symbols across the chests of Hot Topic hipsters, while their candi jewelry sways across their collarbones. Accessories and handbags tip their hat to bondage ideas, all the while looking mysterious. The world shows us this.

So here’s more ways you can show your bdsm-specific lifestyle to the world, if you’re a little girl or like little girl things! This can be through clothes. Accessories. Handbags…

* * *

1. Overalls

These are in so much style that no one will suspect you for the taboo version of sexuality treason! You will probably be called a country girl before you are called a little girl, if you get my drift. Are these worn in the country? I don’t know, but it may be a popular media trope! One that disguises you well. Or you maybjust be cobsidered to be following the trend! Little do they know that this was a favorite among littles before it was reincarnated back again into a modern fashion favorite!

2. Reverse Sequins (Anything)

Let’s see the list of reverse sequins there are. Pillows, keychains, lanyards even probably, bookbags, and I think even shirts may fit that category. Notebooks, journals, and diaries. And beautiful plushies!

3. Plushies

Plushies. You can buy then as purses, y’know? Or as reverse sequin purses! Now that you can see how versatile they are, may I introduce you to plushie keychains and plushie…plushies! Use them however you like. Especially for therapy purposes.

4. Pins and patches!

My favorite has to be an original buildabear patch. You can get a pin or patch with almost any type of graphic, now! Lots of name brand products and characters have them in bunches. You can chose one in any shape, though the sizes are usually small enough to put on clothes, bags or any other type of pinable or patchable material. For pins, I prefer putting them on thick canvas material. Thin cotton material highly tends to retain the holes to a high visible degree! As for patches, there are different ways to apply them. They come in iron-on and in stitch-on! Chose your poison! Er-bonding method!

5. A Smile

If you’re often smilely, it can give off an innocent or hospitable vibe. Perfect to pair with a subby or little outfit!

6. Graphic Ts.

Get these because why not. It’s just another way to get a kiddie or cartoon or fun character on your outfit!

7. Graphic Leggings and Stockings

This includes graphic fishnets. They exist. *slow mischevious grin*


I hope you liked my list on things you can still wear to show your little/sub, or generally BDSM side in the fall! I truly wish you, too, a fashionable winter. The hint to pulling that off is wool, wool, and more wool! And stylish scarves! And cutesy boots! There. You now have your fall and winter wardrobe planned. Don’t throw anything away that you can repurpose!