Anxiety and PTSD – An Isolating CycleπŸ”πŸŒ€πŸŒͺ

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Food. Family. Women. Things that he couldn’t live without but had a terrible relationship with.

Events. Appointments. Bills. Things that he needed to be aware of that he couldn’t remember.

Alcohol. Weed. Depression. His crippling dependency expressed through abusing these coping mechanisms.

Direness, therapy, and recovery. All integral to getting out of the destructive cyclic behavior, but prone to drawing him back in it.

Need. Want. Apathy. A controlling, confusing sick ideas-bundle created by life.

Hunger, suicide, self-harm. A trio of trigger warnings for a person who has felt so too many triggers.

Triggered, triggered, triggered. So triggered.

Agoraphobia. Social phobia. Self-phobia. Is – he – a – monster?

Leave Iraq. Leave conflict. Leave war. A thing that can be done physically. But not so effectively mentally.

Leave self, leave world, and leave pain; A three-fold wish that is also proved futile upon creation.

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