Who’s Your Daddy?πŸ˜‰β€πŸ˜˜β€πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜β€


That’s the title you put on a boyfriend. A husband. A partner. An inseparably close friend. That is, if you’re kinky. Like, really into the Daddy Dom/little girl kink.

Don’t get me wrong. Gender doesn’t matter much, to get either role. However, I notice an interesting dynamic between these two genders, male and female, when they are in this kink dynamic, from my own experience, once they are taking on these two roles, and I will talk most about the dynamic I know; I can do so, freely, without bringing in the aspect of other genders and how they may fit in with preconceptions, societal expectations, gender-specific anxieties, and the like. Heterosexual expectations are a (familiar) mouthful and thus the only ones I will swallow today and on later posts. Was that a disclaimer? (Hellyeah.)

The original BDSM tag does not do the lovely dynamic enough justice.

“The original BDSM tag this falls under does not do the lovely dynamic enough justice.” That is a common thought, if one thinks of BDSM as only kink instead of a lifestyle. But I also will only be talking about the lifestyle (that regardless does involve kink), not the regression form or whatever alternatives exist for this lifestyle.

So, yeah, disclaimers aside, people further into the “lg” role of Daddy Dom/little girl (DD/lg) mention regression, their inner little, their need for guidance…Many things lead them to this role of little, even bdsmtest.org. But one thing the little will know is that it transcends kink, most of the time; a real little is not just a kinky little girl in the sheets. She, too, is an obedient little girl in the streets!

To who? To her Dominant Daddy of course. It’s a bit weird to get that sort of obedience as a grown ass adult and tack it onto your relationship with another grown ass adult. But we who do that have a good reason why we do. It is mainly to maintain a head space that we want!

It may be hard to wrap your head around, even if you do it yourself, sometimes – becauseΒ sometimes your head just doesn’t want to be elastic! This power dynamic thing is a hard idea to grasp when worry and anxiety about social norms get in the way. You could be stretching your head a little too far because it is a tense rubber band, and small enough to not get you any further than you are now. Big adults think with small brains, and kids think with big brains! To break this to you, that is why we feel hindered, and that is momore reaosn to why we littles feel we must regress to this sort of mindset: it is kind of in order to free ourselves, our minds. Ding-ding-ding! My theory on submissive lifestyle little girls.Β And if you can’t get to that space yetΒ of little space, it is a process. Believe me. We just have heads to little to expect that much growth over a set time, when we grew up to have set mindsets that took very particular and trustworthy shapes.

what is that head space, and why do we want it?

Sometimes, this Daddy Dom figure we littles love can make up for this stagnancy in ideas and give us a newer, loser rubber band framework for life. He kinda forces it onto our psyche, allowing us to finally pop and release the old one, on our cue, of course, because we are the ones who want it. Also, because how else will our tight little rubber band heads pop! without some outside force to pull on them? Rubber bands can’t pop themselves! Daddy, he opens the world to recommendations and revelations, possibilities and “extraordinaries.” Things that are big. Things that we were forced to forget, outside of our intuition, which we dare to be melded with his, and thus be expansive. Beyond what we alone could have dreamed lies this reality of sharing a brain space with another human being who takes on a role to expand you and test your limits, beyond the rubber band that could only house you and your mind. The new one wraps around you and your Daddy and defines your new boundaries.

So, to begin this…journey of being…and embracing…your little, a persona which is an extension of you, and which will only keep extending as trust is built in order to set up the learning+friendship foundation for an interdependent relationship between Daddy and little girl – in which you inevitably extend you inner self to this someone who will build on that it you and get you to what you want to be – just start to think –

  • a little bit on the little things in life we tend to overlook about ourΒ BDSM relationships which take up a little bit of our time. Such as…
  • Why do we want to be little?
  • What does a Daddy do for us? (Get us into that head space we want, eh?) So, what is that head space, and why do we want it?
  • What did it really do for us, last time we remember, that our adult mind space hadn’t?
  • Did it rather clean up some things from the past?
  • Or…did it accentuate it?

It’s a lot of weird questions. Thanks to autonomy that comes with being an adult, we can chose to embrace it, and these questions.

51739984_133988544315622_3551460814741271470_nOr we can either shove the autonomy that we are given somewhere that we can hide it, if but for a little bit. It all depends on how we look at things, the space we want, the space we keep, and the space we shut out for those sacred moments. Things you will want to talk about to your Daddy, for sure, and toΒ everyone involved in your journey, do involve a question they all must know the answer to.Β  Who IS your Daddy? You know this, first, by figuring out who are you?

  • I dare you to answer those questions.
  • I dare you to find out. Hint: it’s basically the inverse of you.
  • Then, you can read my next post. Picking and Choosing.

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