What’s My Little?*πŸ‘Ά

My little is scared. Anxious. And πŸ•·οΈ afraid.

She’s a hypochondriac that wants everything to be okay. But there are monsters hiding in her bed and in her tummy. There are monsters in her head, and she’s told them to get out already.


But her Daddy is the God πŸ”± of her psyche, the one they listen to.

He’s the one they bow down to. It makes her confused.

But Daddy tells her it’s alright, πŸ§™it’s alright, and trust is very magical.

When she believes, there are many things that can happen that are fantastical.

My little knows that adulting πŸ‘·is hard .

It is scary to put something into the hands of others, even when she wants to fall apart. She knocks on the head of adult old me and tells me if we can go ni-ni, please. Daddy, she sometimes forgets to trust. Daddy could become the monster because there’s monsters inside of all of us.


My little knows the grown up world. 🌐

She had simply hid it away in role-play. Waking up knowing the new day is an old day. Nothing is new but things learned tend to be old lessons. Trust is a fragile flower that spills nectar of plentiful blessings.

My Daddy is the megaphone, πŸ“£my little is the voice.

I’m heard so well in his presence, and there’s no other choice.

If my little gets anxious, afraid, πŸŽƒ or scared, it is not only up to the adult me to fix.

Daddy will take the reigns of the vehicle or together we will jump out of it.


That’s his Daddy reaching out πŸ‘¨πŸ½ to the little in me.

That’s the way my little hears it when


speaks. ❀

***this wonderful post is*** *inspired by @88_Kitten_88’s piece called “Being a β€˜Little’ in My World” and is

(posted from Fetlife)


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