Health, Eh? 🥝

                                             Health. It’s a weird thing.

variety of sliced fruits

You’re good. And then the next day…you really are terrible. You know it. You feel it in your bones.It’s an itch you know you’ll only scratch once. But it turns into a bunch of sores in .2 seconds. Oops, instinct. It’s as bad as eczema. The eternal itch. As mysterious as pre-menopause – the eternal end.

And at some point you’re sure that your bones will fall from your body. Like the strength did from your muscles. Because your oxygen is low. Cigarettes? No, anemia. And the lack of iron. So either you need more of that, or Vitamin C, or both. But make sure to take your birth control. And I don’t mean condoms. Because eczema. And no lube. Because it burns.


And once you take care of your genital health, and get iron in your system to take care of your blood, maybe you can start using your inhaler again. You’re gonna need it a lot more than usual. And maybe you can get into exercising again. Such as climbing stairs and running for the train. Because you’ll need that to increase your health. You’ll want that to be your goal. Because you cannot be tired forever.

brown and white bear plush toy

You got all that? Maybe you’re too ADHD to remember half the stuff I said. Besides, you’re trying to make sure your academic health is okay, and getting out of bed is hard. So keeping track of treatments and appointments is even harder.

Just don’t let that depression get you down. You gotta stay on your regimen, your life plans. You are a student, not an anxious person who doesn’t feel like they belong in their own skin, nevertheless their life – but if you hadn’t grown up in CPTSD-inducing conditions, you’d be better now. You’d care about yourself, your goals, more – you’d surely be in better health.


So, don’t forget to take your sertraline. Neither forget to take out that Nuvaring. And, then, journal. Because…Soon…


                                          You’ll realize…that…

                                          You’re getting better.


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