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Love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvelous coverings. Sex is the cherry on top. – Jimmy Dean
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        Certain things will inspire you, but certain people will encourage you to do something with the inspiration. One group of people like that in real life are kinksters. Sex doesn’t wait. So people are just compelled to fuck. Some people, which group I am a part of, do not get the utmost sexual enjoyment they would prefer from anything vanilla. At least not if vanilla is the main course. If you are unsure of how you will get into anything kinky and you’re striving for it one day, here’s some ways to kickstart that inspiration now, perhaps, and maybe even that encouragement you need that you don’t get from your church-going grandma, that just compels you to fuck in a kinky way.

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        One way is to just fuck involving your urges, and your not-urges, not just whatever you saw regurgitated in porn this week or last time when you were 5. If you want to bite, bite. If you want to growl, growl. If you like plain missionary, do plain missionary, but recognize if you would like to spice it up with anything or if you are okay with just being vanilla. Which is also fine. Maybe learning about kink is just interesting, and that is okay.

        If you wanna go a little farther, you can look at porn. Because some see it as educational and do not take it seriously. I’ve learned about hucows and fucking machines from porn and they still remain in the rear end of my mind’s attic as interests. Interests for later, of course, while I do the more feasible things.

        So start with something feasible. Write a list of kinky things you would enjoy, or think that you would. You never have to be sure, with experimentation. But if you are ever sure of anything, it would go either under a fetish or a limit. Fetlife has a good organizational structure for this. Just look up some things or look at a prescribed list of fetishes and check its items off as things you would like (fetishes) or things you would hate (limits). Even limits can be kinky, because they allow you to use your safeword…Or kinkshame. Kidding. No, really. Kinkshaming is not kinky. It’s shaming kink. So, let’s carry on.

        Because this goes into don’t shame yourself for what you are into. I don’t care if it’s kissing someone while they have a runny nose (someone has told me this is their kink, since it is something they liked and would do in the future), but do note that whatever you like to do that is regarded as a kink is a sexual deviation. So, in some way it must arouse desire or involve sex if you are to label it as such. Otherwise, your favorite color could be a kink. I know what you’re thinking. If your favorite color doesn’t make you wet, it is not your kink, though, Sorry. Very.


        Finally, if none of this works for you, roleplay as if you like something, and then you would still be considered kinky. Or, go into submission, domination, or consensual non-consent, or some other form of power exchange if you cannot think of anything physical that turns you on. Perhaps, for you, your kink is all in the mind.

Happy sailing!

❤ Kuudere1

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